Portland Soccer Club and Soccertoons 2013 001ball_flamesSoccer is a sport involving rhythm, agility and creativity. Music, dance and technical ball maneuvers are integrated together to stimulate a players natural rhythm and creative flair with the ball. In this teaching process, players never have down time or excessive repetition of drills. Fun and high energy activities are the cornerstones of the Soccertoons curriculum.

Tactical progressions of simple to complex are never rushed through. Heavy emphasis is on the players comprehension of one verses one principles, on both sides of the ball. When players are educated in 1 v 1 then we advance to combination play and possession soccer.

The Soccertoons School creates free and independent thinkers on the field, who are uninhibited and intelligent players, When a soccer session ends, a combination of exhilaration and exhaustion show on the faces of the players, and usually some laughter. While parents see confidence and smiles as a final result.

Guilford Soccer July 11, 2014 007
Guilford Soccer Club learns the Rochester Runaround vs Big Blue Dummies summer 2014.


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