Footskills and hula hoops with music, equals fun and player development !

Multi purpose hula hoops with Soccertoons clinics create fun and magic with the ball
Dribble under the hoop, jump into the hoop and hula jump out of the hoop!
Player manages to jump into the hula hoop but can he dribble out and hop out?
Safe landing into the center of the hula hoop now to find a way out with the ball
Players pass ball through the veritcal hoop and must around the outside of the hoop without being tagged by the coach, first step development
One foot in the hoop while the other guides the ball around the outside of the hoop for turning skills
Cha Cha turn with one foot in the hoop and one outside, tricky maneuver for a six year old but she is being guided through the skill
Footwork Footwork and Footskills and more Footskills
and more footskills with the cha cha slide
six year old with advanced footskills so much fun to watch these players improve
Older Portland Soccer Club players provide great role models for the dribblers and kickers and pre K of the club.Paying it forward
More 12 year old players paying it forward by helping the 6 and 7 year old players learn the skills they learned a few years ago with Soccertoons.
12 year old ex Soccertoon graduate teaches the skills to pre K players, paying it forward.

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